14. – 22. April 2018

Programme (14. – 22. April 2018)

Fair (20. – 22. April 2018)

Evening Event

"The animal world of the Bible"

Enjoy an entertaining evening with Caritas pastor, charity cabaret artist and Illmitzer "Wirtshauskind" Günther Kroiss

In the Bible around 130 animal species are mentioned. In addition to specific prohibitions concerning certain species, many animals also have  great symbolic significance. Günther Kroiss looks after the parishes of Donnerskirchen and Schützen am Gebirge. In the course of this evening, he finds the balance between biblical wording, the interpretation of faith and nature.

Mon 17th April 2017, 7pm, Rosenhof, Illmitz, free entry!


Choked! - Which parts of animal food remain in pellets

Many bird species regurgitate indigestible food components as so-called pellets. Shape and size of these pellets can be useful to trace back their producers, the content of such a pellet gives additional information about the food habits of the respective animals. Additionally, small mammals which are difficult to detect can be documented. Examine with us pellets of different owl species. 

Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd April 2017, 10am-12:00, registration necessary!


Ornithological rarities of Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for many birdwatchers, mainly because of the presence of some Western Palaearctic specialties. The most visited areas are the Taurus Mountains and the southern coasts, the southeast, the highlands around Lake Van and the high mountains of eastern Anatolia. Species like Brown Fish Owl, Iraq Babbler and Caspian Snowcock are at the top of the species list for most birdwatchers. Kerem Ali Boyla is a Turkish ornithologist, conservationist, ecological expert and co-founder of Birdwatch Turkey Tours.

Sun 23rd April 2017, 11:30am-12:30pm, free entry!


About megalodons and the paratethys: Austrian marine history

North of the Alps 20 million years ago, an estuary of the ancient Mediterranean Sea extended to the west - the Paratethys. Huge teeth of the largest predatory sharks (megalodons) of the earth's history, but also fossil remains of other marine inhabitants like whales, sea cows or crocodiles are found in marine deposits on the northern edge of the Alps. Every stone quarry in this region tells about the fascinating marine past of Austria. Visit the quarry in Fertőrákos with marine biologist Robert Hofrichter and discover fossils from long time ago.

Thu 20th April 2017, 10:30am-4:30pm, registration necessary!