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nternationale Medien zum Thema Natur mit Schwerpunkt Ornithologie. Umfangreicher OnlineShop www.media-natur.com mit ca. 5.000 Titeln.

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MME - BirdLife Hungary

MME BirdLife Hungary, a member of BirdLife International was formed by more than 200 enthusiastic bird lovers in 1974. MME was created to protect birds and their natural environment. At the beginning MME’s work was primarily based on population surveys of threatened species, which later has been extended to active conservation works. MME’s main aim is also the popularisation of natural values and lobbying for nature conservation by cooperating with governmental and local authorities. By 2015 the number of our members is above 25,000, of whom nearly 10,500 are active. Our 32 local groups work all around the country. The organisation was awarded the status of Excellently Serving Public Interest in 1998, meaning that the State admits that MME undertakes public duties. The work of MME is coordinated by the central office through local branches and working-groups.  

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